Engraved_16 (engraved_16) wrote,

Addiction (Top/SeungRi)

Title: Addiction
Pairing: Top/SeungRi
Rated: NC-17/R
Summary: Top has a bad addiction. He doesn't know how to end it, but SeungRi knows when to start...



Top sighed in guilt, running a calloused hand through his hair.


Plopping into the chair, he languidly pressed the on button, waiting patiently for the screen to flicker on.


Chin perched ever so innocently in a palm, and the other having a hold of the mouse.

Clicking his way to the Internet, the window popped up and Top cautiously typed the familiar website.


Clearing his throat, he bit his lips anxiously, fiddling to get his hoodie up as if it were any help to hide his identity.


He stared at the time on the clock…his usual routine for late night trips to the computer…or rather he was avoiding getting all the sheets wet again, but it’s not as if what he’s doing was helping any better.


A forced breath flailed out through his nose as the page finally loaded up to the fan fiction community he been visiting so constantly.


His chest hitched in its place. A smile lying contently over his lips. He read the details in anticipation and decided to click the link and read it.


He groaned mentally in his head, as if he just remembered this somewhat sinful deed. He shouldn’t be doing this. This…-This was bad. But-


Sighing in disapproval, he gave in, proceeding to read.


Slamming the body against the bedroom wall, the eldest ran a hand through his hair, groaning in distress. Expression etched with irritation


“Hyung…” The Makanae whimpered questiongly.


“What the fuck Ri! Didn’t I tell you not to go near Jiyong…” Top snapped.


SeungRi flinched in the loud tone, puzzled. “Why Hyung?” he asked earnestly


“Because I fucking said so! You…” Top paused only to see a sly and content smirk on the younger boy’s lips.


“What?!” Top asked, a brow arching in curiosity


The Makanae grinned devilishly humming in appraisals “Hyung~” he intoned loudly.

Top’s eyebrows furrowed inwardly, gesturing him to continue.


Small and smooth hands reached the jagged curves of the older man’s shoulders, tenderly caressing them.


The Makanae sweet smile filtered his face as the man stiffened in his touch.

“Hyung~ were you…Jealous??”


“W-What! Why would I be jealous?? I’m your boyfriend here!” Top spluttered replying immediately.


Gripping the shoulder tightly SeungRi pulled the man closer “Because, Leader-sshi almost had this.”


“Had wha-?”


SeungRi pulled the man closer lips smacking with the other, Top tensed up in surprise…but slowly relaxed into it cautiously cupping the sides of the Makanae’s cheeks, pressing into the kiss even harder.


Tongue lapping at younger’s lips, begging for an entrance. The Makanae moaned as Top’s tongue slips in contorting and twisting hungrily in dominance, memorising every molar, every tastebud within the cavern of the Makanae’s mouth.


The Makanae forcefully pushed forward so his hands could snake to the nape of the older man but get pushed backwards painfully bumping into the wall again.


Top tore away from his lips setting sweet and sensual wet kisses along corner of the younger’s jaws, while a hand sneaks under his shirt, caressing wondrously at the sides of the younger’s skin.


A loud moan surfaced as hands tweaked a sensitive nipple and mouth now suckling intensely at Seung Ri’s neck.


Stumbling clumsily towards the bed, Top landed on top of him, proceeding with more kisses at the neck, pulling off the shirt SeungRi wore, and chucked the discarded piece of clothing onto the floor.


 SeungRi moaned as Top’s tongue licked in the crevices of his collarbone, and hands sensually rubbing at his inner thighs.


Top felt a rough tug at the hem of his hoodie, looking up with half- lidded eyes as SeungRi ordered him to take his clothes off.


Top grinned chuckling as he unzipped his hoodie and threw off his shirt joining the pile up of leftover clothes.


“I. Was. Not. Jealous…” Top clarified in between kiss.


Muffled moans seeped out, Top nipping and sucking on SeungRi neck.


“Hmm you, so were…” SeungRi teased laughing slightly.


Top growled in annoyance.


His rough hands, massaged pleasurably over the crotch of SeungRi sweatpants. Gaining blissful whimpers.


A low hiss came out through the back of Seung Ri’s throat, the older man grappled tightly over his clothed bulge irritated by the lack of bare touch.


He pouted angrily at the man, who looked up with half-lidded eyes setting jumbled wet kisses on Seung Ri’s chest.


He grinned amusingly against his skin, gaining an annoyed glare by the younger.

“Tell me…I wasn’t jealous…” Top threatened, hovering slightly over a taut nipple.


SeungRi bit his lips in anticipation. Rolling his eyes as the older man teasingly licked over it, a low grumble setting at the back of his throat. SeungRi eyes wandered to the older man’s. Glaring at him resentfully and pausing in hesitation-


“…Okay...You-weren’t…jealous…” SeungRi looks down shamefully.


Top crawled forward setting a light kiss on the makanae’s lips. Smirking cheekily- “I thought so…now never go near him again…” Top ordered strictly.


SeungRi chuckled. A hand grabbing at the older man’s nape pulling him closer, whispering seductively in a needy voice “Do I… get punished if I do?”


Top eyes widened growing with intensity. He shuddered at the thought smirking lustfully before hungrily stealing the younger’s lips, tongue feverishly intertwining with his.


The Makanae smirked against his lips, hands moving to grapple the side of his jaw pushing further as their tongues connected deeper within each other’s mouths.


Top pulled away; panting breathlessly “fuck I love you…” he spoke ruggedly before attacking his lips again. SeungRi eyes clouded with lust. An electrifying tingle going down his spine…his silent and identical reply understood.


Top swiftly pulled away, lowering himself to the Makanaes chest and rapidly suckling at the firm nipple.


A loud moan escaped through Seung Ri’s mouth encouraging the man even more.


Top simultaneously pulled at the strings of the makanae’s waistband rough hands sneaking pass through his boxers. Massaging the erection leisurely with light and wispy touches.


SeungRi moaned lowly, mentally contemplating about the light touch and slow pace.


Top enjoyed the foreplay, hands sliding upwards along the length, thumbing lightly at the slit of the head.


SeungRi eyes clouded with pleasure moaning even louder.


Top’s pace immediately fastened, hands roughly jerking at the length whilist the suckling and tweaking of the makanae’s nipples.


SeungRi showered the man generously with melodious moans. Head hunching backwards in ecstasy through lidded eyes. Hips arching more into his touch.


Top groaned against SeungRi skin, the younger’s moans making his erection throb harder. Sneaking an unused hand to pull of his unnecessary sweatpants. Throwing the pants away his hands stroked at his abandoned member.


He moaned against Seung Ri’s skin, setting wet kisses along Seung Ri’s well toned abs. Kissing lower and lower.


Both hands escaped their intended job earning a hiss from the younger. Roughly and swiftly, he pulled SeungRi sweatpants and boxers off.


SeungRi looked at him questiongly, only to get his answers when the man dove for the lube that sat lonesome on the nightstand. The older man generously coated his two fingers with the liquid.


Top stared down at the arousing sight before him, his eyes piercing intensely at him. SeungRi noticed the man gawking at him and cowered sheepishly.


“Baby, open your legs” Top spoke huskily.


SeungRi felt heat go to his face. His legs slowly pulled backwards until his two feet lay flatly on the bed and his legs widened openly. He looked away with flushed cheeks still not use to such an exposing position.


Top swiftly stuck the first finger inside earning a gasp from the younger. Top felt the muscles around his finger relax signalling him. He then inserted the second finger.


He slid them in and out slowly, gaining low cry’s from the younger, scissoring the tight muscles around his finger. Crooking this fingertips slightly he inserted further gaining loud, and pleasured moans from his lover. Getting the same reaction as he hit the spot inside of him every time.


He watches the sight and whinges as his erection ached painfully. He growled impatiently before pulling his fingers out. Grabbing the lube again he coated the smooth and cool cream on his arousal.


He plunged himself forward, his slick cock rewarded by the hot tight muscles that gripped his member.


He looked at SeungRi his face wincing in pain, and leaned forward to kiss him feverishly. Once the muscles relaxed he thrusted forward, perfectly hitting the spot again and again.


SeungRi pulls away from the kiss to escape a deafening and lust driven moan. Top’s thick and coated member driving him over the edge. Top impatiently groans and starts thrusting forward in a fast pace, abusing his prostate.


He watches as the lithe body writhes underneath him, face engraved with so much ecstasy and lust Top could just come right then and there.


Top continues to fuck him senseless, loving the way SeungRi moans every time he hit that spot. Top quickened his pace even faster spilling his load into him as the younger comes onto the sheets. He watches the way his expression contorts when he cums, a pleasurable relief stitching his face.


Top pulls out landing tiredly on the younger’s body


“Ri, baby…how about another round??” Top jokes.


SeungRi groans tiredly “Seungiee im tiered!” he whines.


Top chuckles lightly, rolling off him and onto his side. Wrapping a warm and tight embrace around him.


“Just joking Hyuniee” his voice warmly speaks. “But don’t go near Jiyong again…” Top warns enviously.


SeungRi smiles through closed eyes “Considering what I get every time im with the man…I think Ji’s my new best friend!!” SeungRi enthusiastically jokes laughing.


Earning a low growl from the older, Tops embrace tightens but that only makes SeungRi laugh louder…


Top blinks through a flushed face, body hot and obvious arousal bulging in his pants. He gulps involuntarily, a mischievous hands sneaking downwards from his body.


Top halts in his action eyes snapping open. And he groans pulling his hand up, slapping his hoodie off in anger. He really shouldn’t be doing this. Sighing he props his face in between his palms. He ponders for a while…how did he get here??


Well he remembers the first time he read one…he was so shocked he almost blacked out in hyperventilation… How could our VIP’s write stuff like this??


After the first one he stayed away from the Internet for 2 weeks and made sure not to do anything remotely inspirational


But when he thought he got over it, he visited the website again to see if the fictions decreased. He groaned to see G-Top everywhere he turned. He never thinks of the leader in that way…never did. But then something caught his eyes. At first he was in disbelief but slowly he felt amused. How can someone write about them? They hardly did any fan service at all. And curiosity did not kill the cat…but it might have killed his innocence. He doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s never thought of their Makanae that way, but after reading that one rated fiction, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. SeungRi not only haunts him in his dreams, but in real life too…and it’s not fair because he craves the man every hour of the day


The way he shows off that refined, toned body of his, the way his hips roll irresistibly, Those luscious plump lips, the way his ass-




Top nearly jumps in surprise; he immediately pulls his hand out of his pants and exit’s the window he was looking on.


SeungRi walks forward, resting a hand on the mans shoulders making him tense up


“Hyung…Are you alright?? What are you doing in the middle of the night?” he asks probingly.


Top looks behind his shoulder, face calm and poised, but cheeks flushed and bright red. “Nothing.” He calmly replies. Top abruptly stands up shoving past him in a hurry, cursing under his breath and walking away in a fast pace.


SeungRi eyes widen and he wants to laugh his head off, but he bites his lips from doing so. He noticed the bulge sticking out of his Hyungs pants and the way his face his flushed and hot. And thoughts lead to other things.


SeungRi covers his mouth with a clasped hand to prevent deafening sounds escaping in the silent living room. He goes back to the Internet and clicks on the history, surprised to see that his Hyung was reading…instead of watching Internet porn that SeungRi had thought.


He clicks on the link regardless, because if it had to do with anything to get the man aroused it must be a legend. And he knows because he’s tried, many times...


SeungRi reads the whole thing with wide eyes, and also a flushed face. His body was hot with lust and he was fanning himself.


‘Hyung was reading…about me and him…doing-‘ SeungRi stops his thoughts because he’s overwhelmed with shock he can’t even think straight. SeungRi wants grin so wide it would outshine Dae Sung’s but he before he can a smirk crawls to his face first and an idea pops in his head




Top casually reads a magazine only to get it abruptly slapped away. Before he can even make an angered response, Seung Ri’s already pulling him up and dragging him to his room. Now Tops going through mental panic because he was such an idiot to leave the computer on last night which he figured SeungRi has read. Knowing what gonna happen he doesn’t mind blacking out.


He stops breathing in suspense of what he’s gonna say.


But then he breathes again because he notices that he’s in the Makanae room and he notices how SeungRi is leaning against the wall with a confused expression…and Top’s confused because…he’s the one that’s suppose to be not the Makanae.


“Hyung…” The Makanae whimpered questiongly.


“What the fuck Ri?! What’s going on?!!” Tops snaps totalled baffled about the whole situation. He arches a brow when he notices the way SeungRi flinches in his loud tone.


“Why Hyung?” SeungRi asks in a questioning tone


“What the fuck! Why???? Because I said so!! Now tell me what’s-“ Tops pauses because SeungRi has a smug smirk on his face and Top notices how things are feeling familiar.


“Hyung~” SeungRi intones loudly grinning.


Top eyes widen with realisation. Sighing he runs a hand through his ruffled hair.


“Ri~…” he replies in a tone that speaks okay-I-get-what-your-trying-to-do-so-cut-it. A tone SeungRi has heard so many times from his Hyungs.


SeungRi grin spreads wider. And his hands start to caress his shoulder tenderly. He observes the way the man tenses up under his touch and he loves it.


“Ri…Stop” Top says in a low voice.


SeungRi forcefully pulled the man forward. Top looks up in surprise only to get struck by his intense gaze.


“I know what you’ve been reading…” SeungRi say impishly in a lewd breath.


Top shudders in the tone, and can’t help but blush at the embarrassment. He’s silent for a lengthy time because he doesn’t know what to reply with.


“Im Sorr-“


“And its fucking hot that you think of me like that”


Before Top can reply, SeungRi lips are on his. And he shocked for a while but lust takes over. And this is when hell breaks loose because he knows now he can’t control himself. His large hands snake down and squeezed tightly at the Makanaes ass only to get a squeal and a light slap on the hand.


Top pulls away with puzzled brows looking at him curiously.


“Hey stick to the story!” SeungRi warns, and pulls the man closer to kiss again.


Top snickering in between kisses and figures SeungRi has new a new addiction and it’s not only him...

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