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Innocence; HoMin PG-13?


The bass was piercing hard right through him. It was luck if he could even breathe. But regardless he weaved his way through the sweating people, who in efforts danced to the music so the bass drumming through their chest could flow a little more with ease.


Weaving and squeezing through the gaps, he made it into the middle only to find someone else stealing the spotlight. He was determined to challenge the dancing figure only to halt when the latter swiftly did a spin and then eyes suddenly landing on his.


The dancing figure paused in his step, gazing at the person whose stare was as intense as this heat. He stared at the boy amusingly, admiring his handsome features. Slowly a sly smirk came to play as he made his way over to the boy suggestively dancing his way to him.


Changmin stood still in his demure, unable to move despite the pairs of dancing people who crashed into him from time to time. Everything started to get hotter in the club the moment the man made his way over.


Hands lightly rubbing at the shoulder before it made its way to Changmin’s collar. Lightly pulling him to the spot he owned.


Changmin regained his cool, joining in with the crowd. Leaning in “What’s your name??”


The man smirked “Yunho” he spoke sensually. Changmin resited the urge to grab the man and kiss him senseless then and there. Yunho grinned at the latter dazeful response.


Hands snaking it way to the other's hips, Yunho pulled him in closer which seemed to snap him out of his daze “What about you?” Leaning in, hot breath tickling his neck. Changmin shivered in pleasure, the other’s words affecting him so easily “Changmin” he spoke lowly through the back of his throat.


The older man smiled before languidly wrapping both his arms around the younger’s nape, his crotch rubbing sensually on the others clothed member as he danced.


Changmin, choked down a moan, things feel too overwhelming. He grunted as the contact disappeared.


Yunho grinned at the irritated response, Turning around only for his ass to grind against the others crotch. Hips swaying tantalizing to the music.


Changmin nearly scoffed in surprise, wrapping his arms around the others waist, a useless excuse to be more intact. He swayed his hips in time with his, making efforts for the other man to grind a bit harder.


Yunho felt Changmin’s attempt, and snickered at how easy he had him in his palm. The boy was young…but it didn’t matter because everything would be settled tonight. Yunho teasingly bucked his hips forwards so no contact was made only to get a disapproved groan in return.


Changmin groaned and pulled the mans hip backwards, so the touch was re-connected. Only to get irritated when the man would time to time do the same thing. He pulled him in once again only to have a tight embrace this time.


Yunho chuckled and finally gave in. Grinding his hip in slow and circular motions, gaining a moan from the younger. Chuckling even louder as he heard the boy curse under his breath.


Grunting in pleasure, Changmin couldn’t take it anymore everything was getting hotter and his pants were getting tighter. “Fuck.” He swore. “You know…you’re not the only one good at dancing…Why don’t I, show you my moves in private.” He spoke huskily biting at the other's earlobe.


Yunho shuddered at the rough touch turning around only to find the boy grinning slyly, and an intense lust in his eyes. Smiling “You know…you’re not as innocent as I thought…”


Changmin growled  


Yunho grinned, letting himself be pulled out.

Changmin looked behind his shoulder as they weaved through the crowd. Speaking sensually,

 “After im done with you tonight, innocent will be the last thing on your mind…”

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