January 1st, 2013

Nari 8


NOW before some of you go all D=< hold up for a sec.

Im not friend locking because lack of comments or whatever that whole friend-locking trival was about. as much as i hate it when people friend lock too coz i cant read fics etc im still doing this =]
I left the fics that i posted on this journal open for everyone so they can read those :DDD

partly the reason why im friend locking my LJ is so i can actually get to know or recognize the people that add me. You dont have to add me for a particular reason, you can add me coz your going on a friending spam xD or you want to be random. But it'd be awesome if we shared common intrest so we have something to spazz about ^o^ stuff like

-visual kei
-asian drama's

and More~

mostly in my LJ i have alot of Video spams, where i post intresting videos and comment with my opinion on it, uh sometimes i do rants not alot, and i have a few meme feel free to do those on your LJ there quite fun ^o^

im a fanfic writer for yaoi and alot for the k-pop fandom, i love underated pairs, uhm theres a whole lot more but i wouldn't want things to get too long as it already is

so comment and i'll add you =] i dont bite, hehe