Engraved_16 (engraved_16) wrote,

Kiseob Love! Pics and Vids Spazz

too me their my tabiri xD
even though i love dooseob.
i just like the possibilities of kiseob's onesided-ness.
LMAO and since im too sympathetic lol im liking ki seob moar than dooseob DD:

mikekobayashi  unnie!! i learnt how to screencap xDD LMAO

credits= wonderrrbread

DIES, yes? DD: dah it seems evn during pre-debut days yoseob enjoys talking about doojoon in front of ki kwang :/

feels like im waiting for them to Chu~ [haha F(x)]

credits= b2utyisbest

LOL poor AJ and his unrequited love :3 you've all seen this kkk

-sigh- why have i only captured ki kwang's hoplesness? =/ im sadist XD ROFL

keke my favourite bit. xD

one of my recent favourites xD spot them? yup my icon rite nao ki kwang looks...creepy and stalker material cute smelling snuggling yoseob :).

but is your love that un-requited that you resort to this? >>>

dnt worry ki kwang-ah. i mite write a fic for this matter xD.

Tags: beast*, kiseob*, pic, random*, vids
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