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Mess (Sequel to Sleep) [TabiRi]

Title: Mess
Pairing: TabiRi, kinda Youngbae centric
Genre: CRACK!, and humour
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Youngbae's fed up with all the mess the pair leave all over the apartment.

A/N: Sequel to my Sleep fic, keke its in Youngbae's POV about his problems with the pair, i dunno if i'll do a Daesung one hehe,OH and the ice-cream AU is coming along well ^w^


Youngbae frowns, seething the splayed mess on the sheets. Apparently TabiRi had left him a gift…once again.


At first he thought it was cute how the two had finally got together, smiling happily at their aegyo. But that all changed after the nights got longer and sleep was constantly flipping signs like un-vacant or currently un-available.


Youngbae was happy for them, but always complained why it had to be the two most immature members in the group.


He’s spent months trying to resolve the problem, trying every trick he could lure. Candy, praise, threats…although those hadn’t turned out too well. Especially the threats…he re-calls the way he cornered the magnae one afternoon, asking menacingly why they made love so much? –And no he doesn’t speak the way Jiyong does.


Magnae just curtly replied with a cute what better way to prove your love than through sex? Neh? Youngbae almost face palmed himself that exact moment but took in turn to abuse the magnae instead, instantly regretting it when Seunghyun was within earshot of Seungri’s distressed wails and bonked him on the head for it, continuing with the encouragement of Seungri’s fake sobbing.


Youngbae constantly contemplates on the mess they leave all over the apartment. On the walls, on the couch, the kitchen counter, the bathroom, the laundry room and he got especially mad after he took a look at his own bed that one time…



Upon walking in the living room, he sighs seeing a bunch of carelessly tossed clothes everywhere, groaning each time he has to bend down to pick them up.


“Hyung…What are you doing?”


Youngbae straightens up to face the recognized voice “Im cleaning up your mess…”


Seungri pouts, eyes questioning “Why?”


Youngbae sighs “Because, someone has to do the cleaning in this house.”


“But, Don’t we have a maid?”


“A Maid? What makes you think? That we do?”


Seungri worries his bottom lip “Well, Hyun and me noticed things after we have-“


“AH! Just…carry on..”


“Uh, ok. Well after we did –uh you know-what. We’d come back and notice that the mess was all cleaned up, so we’ve always assumed there was a ghost-maid, Partly the reason why we would just leave the mess behind.”


“1st there is no such thing as a ghost maid, and second! Im the one cleaning up after you guys all the time!” Youngbae speaks through gritted teeth.




Youngbae’s eyes widen with anger but he’s trained himself to have the best self-restraint over the years,


“Just Oh??”


Seungri hums thoughtfully, walking over to place a hand over Youngbae’s shoulder.


“Well, your not doing a very good job are you?”


Seungri walks away; lucky to miss the murderous intent in his Hyungs eyes and the absence in Youngbae’s hands as it tries to strangle the air.


next chapter: It starts with a shoulder

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