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NOW before some of you go all D=< hold up for a sec.

Im not friend locking because lack of comments or whatever that whole friend-locking trival was about. as much as i hate it when people friend lock too coz i cant read fics etc im still doing this =]
I left the fics that i posted on this journal open for everyone so they can read those :DDD

partly the reason why im friend locking my LJ is so i can actually get to know or recognize the people that add me. You dont have to add me for a particular reason, you can add me coz your going on a friending spam xD or you want to be random. But it'd be awesome if we shared common intrest so we have something to spazz about ^o^ stuff like

-visual kei
-asian drama's

and More~

mostly in my LJ i have alot of Video spams, where i post intresting videos and comment with my opinion on it, uh sometimes i do rants not alot, and i have a few meme feel free to do those on your LJ there quite fun ^o^

im a fanfic writer for yaoi and alot for the k-pop fandom, i love underated pairs, uhm theres a whole lot more but i wouldn't want things to get too long as it already is

so comment and i'll add you =] i dont bite, hehe
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TABIRI short moments :D

collection of just tiny, but to me big moments for the tabiri pair :D

credits= theREALiVIPSUBS

i already said something about this lol, how if top wanted to be a girl he would choose seungri to date talking about how cute he is and how he would like to see other sides of him xDD

credit= iBigBangsubs

commented about this too :DD wah tabiri talking about their photo and seungri "grand" scheme haha. lol if u dnt wnt to ruin the tabiri moment stop at 1:32 keke.

credits= BigBangxVIP

love,love,loved this video :DDDDDDDD. seungri possesivness and tabiri fail! hi-5 xDDD
lmao the seunghyuns awkward hi-5 turned to low-5 fail haha. i loved seungri spin. this starts at 3:24

OMOMO at exactly~ 5:24 seungri holds seunghyun arm to make him stay, but then probably realized the camera was there and unwillingly pushed him to go. even stood up with him and pointed him to noona xD


and at 5:45 seungri like crouching just in case that lady tries to take his man away from him, just in case haha lol then even fixes the bean bag for top at 5:59

keke dont worry ri, top hyung is yours >.<;

credit= taijizero

keke 0:16 and 1:00

credit= xalejandaraVIP


credit= koziloverryo

HOMGAWD alot of love!!!!
hahaha at Tops english 'shaddup' and there forever long kissing scene NG, seungri seems to flutter his eyes at top or when hes saying something thats harsh (explain later >.<;) from 3:48-3:49 and they looked like they were about to have a real kiss! omo but then they remembered a camera xD haha totally making bullshit rite now

credit= AthonorProd

big bang ambience, sexayy keke
there sitting so close together, look at how much couch top has left to his side xD
2:10 that one leg touch :D
dieing at ri cuteness 'nuna, ah yang' :DDDDDDDDDDDD

credit= BabyB0ngaholic

-sighs- LOVE the photo shoots now a days, tabiri is growing with looovee, all this arm shoulder thing~ lets call its arm-shoulder sex neh?

sooo happy to see daedae, and he looks soo hawt :DD, lol at 3:05 it think it was the part where ri was saying top's eye acting was burdensome xD i totally understand what he meant, watch top's iris cuts and you'll knw why.

SQUEE at TABIRI!! top was squeezing his neck with his hand. xDD ri was all giggly and whatever and as soon as he saw the camera he went from ^o^ to  =/ just for a millisecond keke


credits= taijizero

starts at 0:40
holding onto ri shoulder like a lifeline xD the rest of big bang turn to see and there kinda lyk O.O...uhm >.> ...<.< ..."-___- dont blow your cover =/

haha at 1:13 seungri kinda moves the mic again coz he probably thought top was gonna hold the mic for youngbae but top doesnt xDD
and even when the clap at the end his elbow is on his shoulder keke

oh and also that epic BANGS talk where i had the feeling top was groping ri xDD. i did a whole theory on that here,
lets just say it was more of a lighter case than this>>>>

che i knw u all must be thinking
where the hell is top's hand if it isnt on seungri waist O.O yeah molesting ass much xDDDD

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Mess (Sequel to Sleep) [TabiRi]

Title: Mess
Pairing: TabiRi, kinda Youngbae centric
Genre: CRACK!, and humour
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Youngbae's fed up with all the mess the pair leave all over the apartment.

A/N: Sequel to my Sleep fic, keke its in Youngbae's POV about his problems with the pair, i dunno if i'll do a Daesung one hehe,OH and the ice-cream AU is coming along well ^w^


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Sleep (TabiRi)

Title: Sleep
Pairing: Top/Seungri, kinda Jiyong centric..
Rating: PG-13
Genre: CRACK!, Humour
Summary: The rest are dead tired, Jiyong's pissed off and

A/N: IDEK WTH this was...I-..ah, w/e lol just a drabble of a pissed Ji who hates the couple's loudness. very short. Im suppose to be working on that TabiRi ice cream AU but im taking my time to make it perfect...or at least when im thoroughly satisfied :DDD so enjoy this for a while...sorry for my fail DDD:

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the sequel: Mess
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(no subject)

okay so the game is to write a short line no less than 10 words, for the 10 genre ^^ hope you enjoy~!

2. AU
5.First time
7. Humour
8. Hurt/Comfort
9. Smut
10. UST



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Deep Void, TabiRi; Angst

Title: Deep Void
Pairing: TabiRi (re-written from HoMin)
Genre: Angst, AU-ish
Summary: They're like two pieces of the remaining jigsaw puzzle that desperately try to fit, tying to fit somewhere in the world. But they don’t fit, it’s like two opposite pieces that try being jammed together but it only ends up like bent cardboard



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